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Sexchester – Sex Lives in Westchester


Sexuality in the Suburbs of New York

One of the most ribald pieces I’ve ever written was for a special issue of Westchester magazine entitled, “Sexchester.”  The special feature was comprised of five stories – one exploratory piece written by Dave Donelson followed by four other stories that I’d written (scroll down the page on the link above and you’ll see them).

These forays into the sexuality of Westchester residents included a segment on a gay couple from Peekskill, a single woman from Harrison, a divorced mother from Ardsley and my hands down favorite, the cheater from White Plains.  I didn’t actually LIKE the cheater, but I really loved writing about him.  As you can tell from the piece, his was the snarkiest.

The gay couple actually had some fantastically amusing things to say, but the publication thought that some of their comments were a little too risque for their pages.  Well, they’re not too bawdy for me!  I’ll repeat just one of the jokes they made about their sex life here on the pages of my very own site:  ”We used to have sex all the time, but now we only have hallway sex.”  Hallway sex?  What’s that?  ”We pass each other in the hallway and say, ‘F–K you!’ ‘Oh, yeah?  F–k you, too!’”

As for the other stories, although the women were respectable, intelligent, hardworking people, they both suffered a bit of a backlash after the piece was published. The single woman’s story was bastardized and reprinted in a sensationalistic style on the internet in a way that inferred that she was performing illicit acts.  She wound up having to take legal action against those outlets.  The divorced mother was hounded by her ex-husband, who was angry that their daughters were included in her picture.  I was so offended that he would attack her for this — the girls were depicted in a loving and affectionate manner — that I took it upon myself to write a letter attesting to her excellent mothering skills.  She was able to present this letter to the judge when she was under scrutiny by the court as part of their ongoing divorce case.

Ultimately, it was a much talked about piece.  People stopped me in the grocery store or the post office or out on the street just to tell me how much they’d howled over the cheater’s story or to say how much they could relate to the other featured profiles.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading these pieces as much as they did…and as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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