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The website celebrates the breathing room that we allow ourselves in our interactions with others, in our time spent alone, and in the creation of concepts that can make the world a richer place.  Its sense of interconnectivity draws followers from well beyond its home base of Washington, DC, where the site’s creators Joey Katona and Cary Umhau set up shop for their forward thinking blog space and the events they hold to support it.

An avid athlete (P90X, anyone?), ardent hiker, biker and swimmer, I was eager to embrace my new environs when I moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina from Westchester, New York (it was due to illness…I was SICK of New York!).  It wasn’t long before I discovered the Homestead Aquatics Center, where I had been achieving a glorious zen state every time I set my varnished toes into the sparkling lap lanes for my mile-long swims (68 fabulous laps).  It was time to share my discovery with the world, so was kind enough to allow me a guest post on my personal spacious experience.

Perhaps, upon reading the piece, you’ll find yourself inspired to don your goggles and immerse yourself in the vast glory of a good swim…


  1. I think that the Homestead Aquadics center is GREAT! I love the water and can’t wait to start swimm’n! I can’t wait to read more articles! I think you are a fantastic writer!:)

  2. I love to swim and thought that you are head on with this description!
    Please write more on here I am eager to read more

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