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Scribing for a Living

You need a press release about your company’s new product?  And you need it, in final edit, by tomorrow morning?  Great!  All I need is information and a couple of fresh quotes.  I whisk ‘em together and whip up a frothy blend of innovative, intriguing words that have consumers frothing at their mouths to purchase your wares, readers excited about your content…and you, content with your choice of scribes.

Feel free to tool around on my site – you will see many articles written for print (trade as well as mainstream publications) and online outlets. They cover the gamut from pop culture (music, film, tv) to health to eco-friendly living.

Got questions, comments, comical asides?  Contact me at


  1. Colorful, fun site… it’s about time this is up. And you really were the best editor I’ve come to know. Looking forward to reading more of your pieces here. :)

  2. I hope you enjoyed it! The Aquatics Center is my home away from home…

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