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Sustainable Investing


Invest "Green!"

I’ve penned numerous stories that had to do with the environment. Sustainability, eco-friendly products…these are all of great interest to me as we attempt to provide our children with a clean planet that’s socially, economically, and environmentally sound.

For Mother Nature News (, I wrote quite a few of these pieces. One particularly intriguing feature had to do with how to place your funds with “green” investment companies. For someone who is slow to embrace the world of finance, this was a big eye opener…and helped me decide how best to invest my own hard-earned dollars.  I began to consider more keenly that my financial planning included investments in companies whose interests lie in preservation and responsible choices.

The story, “Put Your Money Where the Earth Is,” helped raise awareness for many forward-thinking people who want to plan wisely not only for their future but for the future of everyone on the planet.  With the economy currently in a definitive downturn, there is no better time to focus on educated choices.  This particular feature is an excellent place to start.

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