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Sometimes, my work becomes so profuse – and I become so caught up in my next project – that it simply slips my mind that I’ve created it.  For example, while at the cinema with my husband, we sat through previews until the one for “The Chronicles of Narnia film” roared onto the screen.  As it unfolded, I turned to him and said, “I know this!  But how?  The film isn’t out yet and I can’t possibly have viewed this yet.”  He looked at me, dumbfounded.  ”Honey,” he said, smiling pathetically, “you wrote it.”  A long pause ensued as it dawned on me that he was right.  ”Oh, yeah….I did, didn’t I?”

Actually, what I had written was a sizzle script, which is used by the studios to get the theaters excited about airing their film.  I was hired by Sam Hurwitz Productions (SHP) to create a two or three minute teaser of sorts about the film that would whet the appetites of the theater owners.  Sam hired me often to write proposals that he’d submit to the studios to garner work for his company in the making of sizzle scripts, behind-the-scenes videos and other support material for upcoming films.  His was a very successful company and we worked together often.  I even helped create text for his website, and edited his book, How I Beat Hairloss Without Rugs, Drugs or Plus But I digress…

So there we were in the theater, and I realized that the work I’d done maybe six months prior, wound up on movie screens all over America, luring moviegoers into the world of Narnia. Only a few weeks later, partially on the strength of my sizzle script, the film topped the box office as viewers flocked to the theaters to find out what, exactly, was behind the wardrobe in that old British house. Fabulous, no?



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